LTE Advanced Pro (1200Mbps) modem upgrade for Branch. Includes AER2200 & AER1600 doors and 4 black antennas


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Product Compatibility Routers

  • E300 Series
  • E3000 Series
  • IBR1700 Series

The MC400 Modular Modem combines enterprise reliability with Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G performance. Cradlepoint MC400-capable fixed site, vehicle, and IoT routers can be easily upgraded to include industry-leading capabilities such as dual modems, 5G, and LTE Advanced Pro

LTE Advanced Pro (1200Mbps) modem upgrade, Dual SIMs for IBR1700, CBA850, AER2200/AER1600, E300/E3000, includes doors

The Cradlepoint MC400 is a modular modem that can be added to the second modem slot in a Cradlepoint router. The MC400 is typically added to either upgrade the router modem to the latest technology or to serve as a second modem to increase availability and coverage. The MC400 can be ordered in various models including the latest LTE Advanced Pro model, rated at up to 1.2 Gbps.

5G modem upgrade, Dual SIMs for R1900, RX30-MC, IBR1700, AER2200, E300/E3000, includes doors

Features & Benefits

  • Greater revenue & cost-saving opportunities with the ability to run advanced bandwidth-intensive applications.
  • Better return on investment with the capability to upgrade to the latest modems without replacing the original hardware.
  • Higher availability by installing a second modem for failover connectivity.
  • Lower data plan costs by automatically switching to the second modem/SIM when the data plan cap on the primary modem/SIM has been reached.
  • Efficient LTE usage with Elastic Wideband technology.
  • Certified versions are available for public safety networks worldwide.