Managed Failover Solution

In today's business landscape, reliable Internet access has become a fundamental requirement for productivity and success. With businesses increasingly relying on cloud-based applications, IP phone systems, and remote work arrangements, a stable and high-speed internet connection is essential. Internet access enables seamless collaboration, efficient communication, and smooth operations across geographically dispersed teams.

In the event of an Internet outage, our failover solution seamlessly takes over, ensuring uninterrupted operations for our clients without any manual intervention required.

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Wifi in Bus

Our solution enhances the overall passenger experience by allowing them to stay connected and productive during their journey, whether they want to work, browse the internet, or stay in touch with family and friends.

Furthermore, it enables you to have control over the data usage & telecom expenses.


Managed Tablet

Designed to provide a hassle-free and secure tablet experience for businesses. With our solution, we handle the entire process, from installation to ongoing management, ensuring a seamless and controlled environment.


Managed Connectivity

Take control of your cellular data costs and unlock the full potential of your mobile connectivity. With our Cellular Data Optimization Service, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are maximizing cost efficiency without compromising on productivity.


Asset Tracking

Integrated Software as a Service application which tracks the location of cellular telematic devices. The solution continuously monitors the vehicle’s movements and relays the information through TruFleet which can be viewed on any web browser.


4G / 5G Internet

Offers flexibility, mobility, and convenience, enabling individuals and businesses to stay connected, work, and access online resources from virtually anywhere with cellular coverage.

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Vehicle Cameras

We make the roads a safer place by providing our drivers with the highest quality and most personalized vehicle safety solutions.


Custom Solutions

Our custom LTE solution leverages existing software, hardware, and our expertise to create a personalized and tailored solution for each client.

By utilizing the client's specific requirements, we integrate and optimize the available resources to build a solution that meets their unique needs.


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